Palazzo eventi by eleonora & victoria

Palazzo Eventi is a team of professionals, based in the northern Italian city of Verona Verona Italy, which specializes in organizing unforgettable weddings, receptions and events in Italy. Our depth of experience, boundless creativity and intimate knowledge of Italian trade and customs have made us a leader in exclusive event planning for Russian-speaking clientele. We are proud to offer our services as style consultants of the highest level. It’s our business to think outside the box, lavishing care upon even the smallest details so that every aspect of your event will be unique.

Wedding Planners - Since 2009, we have been refining our team and our brand, as well as forging strong partnerships with reliable vendors.

Our main office is located in Verona, Italy. We each hold a Masters Degree in Event and Wedding Planning, and are certified by the Association of Italian Wedding Planners in Rome. Our team is made up of professionals from a wide range of fields but with one thing in common: a passion for conceiving and creating unique and unforgettable events. Living and working in Italy, we are uniquely positioned to enjoy full control of any given project in all its phases, maintaining direct and personal contact with our suppliers and partners.

To those who inquire as to why we pursue this line of work, our answer is, simply, “we love a good celebration and we know how to organize one.”

Due to our heartfelt passion, our years of experience and our natural gifts, we have come to be recognized as real experts in our field.

What makes us special:

  • The flexibility to navigate between the needs of our clients and the one the ground realities of working in this country.
  • We are personally involved in all aspects of event planning without the use of intermediaries.
  • We are recognized and accredited by State and Regional boards.
  • Our vendors and partners are time-tested and reliable
  • We prefer to think of ourselves as personal consultants and event “designers”. Individuality and uniqueness will be the hallmarks of your party.
  • We respect your budget. Contrary to the popular belief that Italy is costly, we are happy to demonstrate how we can organize beautiful and memorable occasions for any sized wallet.
  • Our greatest satisfaction is to see you happy!