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It happened! He asked you to marry him! What joy and excitement you feel ...you’ve already imagined your dress, how beautiful you’ll be with him next to you in his elegant tuxedo, anxiously awaiting the guests...

A Dream Made Reality

Where to begin?

The first thing we try to do is pinpoint the perfect location for you. Your dreams and wishes will be the inspiration for a backdrop which reflects both your style and personality. Marriage --it’s a unique and once-in-a-lifetime event-- not just a party or a gala dinner. To realize your dream, it’s important to concentrate on every particular. Preparing for a wedding takes time, experience and attention to detail. Entrust these tasks to expert planners so that you can focus soly on enjoying yourself on your special day!

From the outset, the invitations set the tone for your wedding. No less important are the other fine points: printing the menus, place cards, seating arrangements, and thank you notes.


Medieval castles, stately homes and villas, palaces, vineyards...

Italy offers so many wonderful options! We help you to find an incredible location, in keeping with the style of the event, the season, and number of guests, everything in proportion to your budget.

So that you can arrive and depart in style, we offer a variety of options, from vintage or modern automobiles to yachts, helicopters, hot-air balloons and even horse drawn carriages....simply elegant or a little funky but certainly unforgettable!

Set-up and design

Everyone knows that style and aesthetics are crucial to a well-designed event. Complementary color combinations, subtle flavors, musical accents, lighting and entertainment — all working in harmony — determine the true success of your event.

Floral arrangements are important as colors, scents and sensations will help to frame your long-awaited day. Dramatic or delicate, flowers will be lovingly selected in keeping with the tone of your ceremony, from the boutonniere to the bouquet, the ceremonial arrangements to the pedals on the floor of the church prior to the bride’s grand entrance.

As to music, there need be no limitations. Mendelssohn’s March is not the only song that gets you to the altar! Music will accompany you throughout each stage of your event, highlighting the day’s important moments.

Lighting design

Never underestimate the importance of choosing the theme and entertainment portion of your reception. Lighting design is a precise, particular art through which one can transform any space into something fantastic and fabulous: the play of light and shadow, skillfully manipulated, brings about an alteration in form, creating diverse moods and atmospheres. And as a grand finale we suggest fireworks, a laser show, cascading musical fountains, video screens made of water, projections in 3D.


Delectable Italian cuisine, accompanied by fine wines and served impeccably with style and elegance will leave no one unimpressed. We have chosen established, trusted chefs, sommeliers and pastry artists to create fine dishes and pairings which will be true culinary masterpieces. The wedding cake will be decorated in accordance with your wishes to create a sweet final note in this symphony of flavors.

What will I have to remind me?

Your wedding is such singular and unique day. To relive those moments, you need them recorded as images.

We work with internationally renowned artists, with a preference for “reportage style” photography, with its ability to capture spontaneous moments. Barbara Zanon is one of Europe’s most talented wedding photographers, winner of an international award for wedding photography, collaborate with the Venice Film Festival. Marco Bravi is an emerging Italian photographer who was one of the first to embrace the reportage style. His 25 years of successful work in studio portraiture and wedding photography makes him one of the country’s most sought-after photographers and has led to a position as official photographer for Cartier in Italy.

Our expert videographers can create a movie-style narrative in which you are the leading characters, passing through the pivotal moments of your day.


What to give? It’s an age-old question that every wedding guest must face. Why not entrust managing your gift registration to your Wedding Planner? Your guests will know exactly what you need and will pick something that fits your taste!

As a way to thank your guests for having participated in the event, we can create a charming gift to remind them of this thrilling day you have passed in each other’s company.

Do not forget...

Your guests’ stay and their schedule of activities.

Think about providing out-of-town guests with a convenient and interesting visit during their time in beautiful Italy. Exclusive hotels, working farms in charming countryside locations, historic villas and centuries-old castles are all at the ready with a warm welcome. Various activities can include cultural excursions in city centers, food and wine tours, cooking classes, spa visits and much more.

Farewell, Bachelorhood!

Goodbye to the single life! Long live excitement: hilarious pranks, outlandish costumes ... these days, anything and everything is possible!

The Honeymoon

Getting married in Italy can offer you a great the opportunity to enjoy the ideal, romantic honeymoon. The Italian Riviera, world-famous resorts, historic towns, mountains retreats and private islands .... all unique locations that will make an unforgettable honeymoon!


The bureaucratic process for a wedding in Italy is complex and hard to navigate, especially for non-Italian nationals who wish to get married here; files, authorizations, security clearances: all prepared and ready for your “I do”!