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Wine collection

A single visit is enough to fall in love with Italy. It is the right place for gourmet discoveries, admiration of art and search of inspiration. PALAZZOEVENTI invites you to a wonderful world of winemaking. Italian wines are famous all over the world. As there are more than 500 different types of wine sometimes it may be difficult to find the best one for you.

We present you a “Ripasso Superiore” 2009 from the Bonfanti winery, marked PALAZZOEVENTI. It was a magnificent vintage for the Valpolicella region! It is a blend of Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella grapes aged in oak barrels.

This DOC wine of deep ruby red colour bottled in limited quantities has a special character and is a perfect match to first courses, all types of meat and aged cheese.

wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI
wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI
wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI
wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI

The second one is the white wine “Felicità” created by the legendary singer and winemaker Al Bano Carrisi. Called with the name of the famous love song presented for the first time by Al Bano and Romina in 1982, this wine is produced in the native lands of Al Bano, in Puglia, from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay vines.

Felicità intrigues with its harmonious, refined and well-structured taste, fruity notes and a pleasant aftertaste. It matches well starters, fish and seafood.

Made with love and rich in Italian sunshine, these wines will enchant you with their taste. As we say at PALAZZOEVENTI, such wines make events even more refined and fascinating.

wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI
wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI
wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI
wine collection PALAZZOEVENTI

The great Coco Chanel said: “Fashion goes, style remains”. The founders of PALAZZOEVENTI Eleonora Ziganshina and Victoria Kursova totally share this idea. In collaboration with a famous fashion designer they created an exclusive collection of Foulard by PALAZZOEVENTI. These luxurious handmade silk foulards are featured in three versions, each of them has its own story. There are three choices for three different moods: a floral vivid design for cheerfulness, an elegant palette of grey and blue that is perfect for any situation, and in the end “The Four Seasons”, in light and refined colours, that will emphasize your personality and add refinement to your outfit.

Home fragrances

The experts in beauty creation - Eleonora Ziganshina and Victoria Kursova - are pleased to present the new exclusive home fragrances which transmit you love, harmony and prosperity. The notes of natural oils recall memories and poetic images of our beloved Italy, and as a magic cloud will create a tone of happiness and a sense of comfort in your home. These fabulous limited edition aromas have been created by the best Italian perfumers, exclusively for customers and friends of PALAZZOEVENTI.


is a seductive combination of delicate floral scents with moss and citrus notes that convey the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Italy.


(such as “Palace of Happiness and Beauty”) is a unique mix of fruits and flowers with nuances of wine, moss and deep woody notes. This symbolic scent communicates the philosophy of our world conception - luxury, elegance, and harmony.

Fine chocolate

Handcrafted chocolate made with hazelnuts from the Italian Piedmont region and best cacao.