Every girl has dreamed about her wedding since childhood. Our bride dreamed of celebrating her wedding with a dress signed Valentino. And so it was! The luxurious dress embroidered with thousands of crystals has been a source of inspiration not only for her, but also for all of our team!

The chosen place for the celebration was Villa Amistad Byblos Art Hotel, where our spouses had spent their first romantic weekend. The luxurious 18th-century villa, immersed in vineyards, has been given exclusively to the, and has become the perfect set for three days of celebrations. The official ceremony was celebrated in the villa's park, under the musical accompaniment of a violin quartet. The floral arch with soft colors was decorated with the same bridal gown crystals. After an exciting ceremony, all guests moved to the aperitif area near the pool, while the gala dinner was served in the main hall of the villa, decorated with modern art and a Murano glass chandelier.

The presence of Aleksandr Puschnov as a presenter and an Israeli music show, entertained guests throughout the evening. A special surprise for our young spouses was the lezginka dance performed by the groom's friends, supported with enthusiasm by all guests. After dinner, everyone went out into the villa's park, where the bride launched the bouquet and where, in a sudden complete dark, a three-dimensional show appeared on the façade of the villa.

Opening flowers, rare birds, and colorful butterflies were among the images that have been showed, together with the love story of the couple in a "cartoon" version. This show has accompanied the lovely dance of the bride and groom, on a music with fairytale melodies. At the end of the evening, guests were invited to make a wish, and shortly after the night sky was covered by a multitude of lanterns.

photographer Victor Boyko