Whant would happen if Juliet got married and lived happily ever after with Romeo? 
PalazzoEventi presents a unique project and a new interpretation of the image of the Shakespearean heroine in the role of a modern bride. 


Juliet by PalazzoEventi is a new wedding trend and our vision of this romantic story. The idea of the project was being carried for almost two years and did not arise accidentally. PalazzoEventi agency is located in the very center of Verona, so everything around and even the air is filled  with a romantic veil from the history of Shakespeare.


Our inspiration was made of great literature and cinema, Italian traditions, magical locations with the spirit of the Middle Ages that still lives there and the legend of eternal lovers is alive. 


The first photo shooting, within this beautiful project, told about the connection of times. The narration starts with the historical scene on the balcony of the legendary Juliet's house and further gpes through the squares and palaces, ancient churches and winding streets of the most romantic city in the world - beautiful Verona. For the first pilot shooting  was chosen a popular blogger, whose beauty perfectly fits into the created concept.


The image of the Juliet-bride turned out to be both gentle and gothic, modern but with references to Shakespeare's story ...  An international team of recognized and outstanding specialists in their field worked on the styling of this project.  Each new story of Juliet is a story about our modern woman, about her dreams of love, about her vision and lifestyle, about what a today's Juliet can be. The project is gaining popularity, and soon there will be another version of the story of Juliet. 


The base is Shakespearean passion, but with stylish outfits from famous designers, luxury locations, top photographers and other leading representatives of the wedding and fashion industry.


Location: Villa Arvedi
Foto and video: ManiSol Wedding
Model: Mari Burylev
Stationery: Bee in Love
Hair style: Pierre Baltieri, Rock and Roll hair, Mauro Galzignato
Make Up: Bianca Matteucci
Flower &Wedding design: Petite Lalà
Wedding dress: Atelier San Valentino

photographer ManiSol , video ManiSol