All roads lead to Rome ... to the wedding of Daniela and Valery.


The wedding between a creator of a successful brand and a Russian businessman hosted 150 guests in the eternal city at the famous Villa Miani famous for its breathtaking panoramic view over Rome and the Vatican.


The spectacular appearance of the groom, who arrived at the ceremony on a motorcycle with the track from the film "Mission impossible" on the background, gave a touch of rebellion to the refinement of the classical wedding ceremony with its touching vows, elegant décor and guests dressed according to the black tie dress code. The ceremony took place in the park under a luxurious arch of white flowers from the most renowned Italian floral designer, Vincenzo Dascanio, with a magnificent view of the dome of San Pietro. A brilliant master of ceremonies conducted the flow of the evening in several foreign languages.


According to the concept of the wedding each area of the villa had a different setting, allowing guests to discover gradually the beauty of the location and follow the scenario of the event.


 The aperitif in fashion style took place in the villa’s park with a fountain and a spectacular view terrace which served as a lounge area with leisure furniture, rich Italian buffet, handsome waiters, accompanied by sparkling jokes of the host and jaunty music in the background.


The view of the dinner area made all the guests feel overwhelmed by admiration and delight. It was a floral enchanting spectacle with a fabulous centrepiece representing the tree from the Garden of Eden, a golden table setting emphasizing the generosity of couple and a luxurious facade of Villa in the background.


A full course dinner was prepared in the best traditions of the outstanding Italian Haute cuisine by the eminent chef and was accompanied by live music played by a famous Russian band, an extensive entertaining program and artistic performances. To the courtesy of their international guests the newlyweds provided a wedding Phrase Book containing phrases in Russian and Italian. A famous Russian showman masterfully entertained the guests while a charming elegant co-host was interpreting his performance in other languages which was highly appreciated by the clients.


The first dance of the newlyweds consisted of two parts: an incendiary Latino and a sensual slow dance. The moment was emphasized by the smoke and a confetti rain followed by an absolutely gorgeous traditional three tiered wedding cake which received a round of applauses. The evening was concluded by a disco until dawn in the mirror lights with all-time favourite pieces from a popular DJ.


Every guest received a special gift from the newlyweds: a bottle of selected wine with the date of the wedding, names of the spouses and watercolour image of Villa Miani written on it. This Italian wine is perfect to age at home to remind year after year of the moment when two loving hearts joined together in the eternal City.


The comfort of the guests is a very important part of the successful event, so it's all about the details: such as hand fans for ladies in the ceremony area,  flip-flops for those who want to take off their heels; a makeup and hairdo service was provided by Italian stylists prior the event. A convenient logistics played an important role here as well: all guests stayed in a five-star hotel, in five-minute walking distance to the venue; for other needs a shuttle service was provided. Comfort means also a creation of a custom-made wedding website where guests could find all important information about the upcoming event.


For the second day of celebration the newlyweds gave an After Party in a Boho-chic style in a Roman Villa.  The party was set up with imperial tables on the green lawn, an open bar with signature cocktails, a famous DJ in a pool area surrounded by palm trees, a variety of buffet snacks, an authentic Italian wood-fired pizza, a cart with homemade ice cream and delicious dessert. All of this created a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  


The culminating moment of the party arrived with «Academia» show guided by famous bartenders of the capital: a fascinating master class and team competition to prepare the best cocktail. As the second day of celebration coincided with the participation of the Russian National Football team in the World Cup Final a large screen was installed for the guests to watch the game. Watching the video of the first day of the wedding followed by endless congratulations was a moment of big emotion of the evening.


The third day marked with a leisurely family lunch with exuberant speeches of Italian relatives (the father of the bride is Italian) and warm-hearted Russian grandparents, ended at the concert of the singer Beyoncé. A brilliant final of the "Roman wedding holidays" event.



photographer Andrew Bayda, Misha Moon, Andrea dal Prato