If the story of Romeo and Juliet had a happy ending, this would surely have happened in the ancient villa located along the coast of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy - Lake Garda. This idea came to mind also to our newlyweds - Camilla and Alessandro - who fell in love with each other at first sight just as they fell in love with this magical place. A multifunctional space with beautiful views on the water, a luxurious park and a fairytale tower seemed the perfect place to celebrate the most important day of our couple.

Our bride chose all pastel tones for decorating the spaces, to underline her sensitive and kind nature. The ceremony area was decorated with a floral arch, with colored ribbons and a rose petals path. The bridesmaids dressed in antique pink dresses and flower bracelets were perfectly in harmony with the atmosphere of refined splendor. The bride's outfit with a fabulous dress and a long embroidered veil, together with the musical accompaniment of the cello quartet, left all the guests enchanted.

The aperitif was served outside, and the congratulations to the bride and groom were then continued under the tent, where in the meantime a refined and tasty Italian lunch was served. Melodic voices and the beloved songs performed by the invited jazz band have been alternated all night with the rhythms of dance music. The evening has finished with fantastic fireworks, which accompanied the cut of the wedding cake, decorated with a large variety of flowers.

The interesting decision of the young spouses was to carry out two ceremonies: a more intimate one for relatives and close friends in Italy, and a very big one in the Caucasus, homeland of the bride.

photographer Giovanna Aprili