Wedding in Tuscany for a star couple: the groom is a successful Italian investor, his fiancée is a representative of the German aristocracy. 260 guests from all over the world, including the European establishment, Hollywood stars, and representatives of the European èlite, 10 months of preparations, 2 special locations, 160 members of the staff…That’s the beginning of our story about this wedding in Maremma, that took place in September 2017.

The location for the celebration was not chosen by chance: Capalbio is where the couple plans to settle.The idea was to invite the guests there in order to show them the beauty of Tuscany and let them enjoy this beautiful territory. Surrounded by olive groves, forests, and vineyards, Borghetto Tenuta la Marsiliana (a small medieval town), whose original beauty was preserved thanks to the Corsini family of princes, was the perfect scenario to reflect the main theme of the wedding: rustic & boho chic. The couple dreamed of a wedding that would have been remembered by their guests for its splendid and famous Italian style, hospitality and unrestrained fun. The evening began with a Catholic ceremony in the castle park, under the shadow of age-old pine trees, decorated with flower garlands and bright ribbons, where the bride and groom pronounced their vows. The guests, dressed according to the dress code black tie, were seated on improvised hay benches covered with white pillows. This special touch gave emphasis to the colors and authenticity of the historical venue.

The multi-level location, with a view on the summery valleys, was transformed into a festive medieval village, and each area of theborghetto was decorated to best reflect the scenario of the event. Guests were treated not only to Tuscan delicacies, but also black caviar with champagne, oysters, Spanish ham jabugo and sherry, German sausages, and beer, combining international culinary traditions. Dinner was served in a crystal tensostructure under the starry sky: the long wooden tables were masterfully decorated with wildflowers composition, candles, and elegant mise en place by Il Fiore All'Occhiello. The wedding dinner, created by the famous catering Galateo Ricevimenti, was served in the best Italian traditions and included pasta with truffles, together with meat and fish delicacies.

After dinner, the guests moved to the square that had been transformed into a disco club, with various DJs from New York and Europe (lateron some friends of the newlyweds also stood up as DJs), open-air bar with author's cocktails, late night snack with Italian pizza, and fun until dawn. A beautiful gesture was the decision of the newlyweds to give up the wedding gifts in favor of charity. The guests were able to make their donation directly from the wedding web site.

On the eve of the wedding party, a Beach party took place in the area of Monte Argentario, which locals affectionately call “the beach of unforgettable sunsets”. The party brought together guests from all over the world, and set the right tone for a wedding weekend. The dinner and the appetizers made by Galateo Ricevimenti, which included pizza cooked in a wood oven and Made in Italy style dishes, the original cocktails, the performance of a swing band, and the DJ set were part of this unforgettable evening, with a fabulous sunset on the beach. This Tuscan weekend was filled with love, beauty, and relax. Our groom has very capaciously described our work with a brief and effective phrase: "There was a very beautiful and special vibe".


Comment of bride:

"Dear Victoria, we just came back from our honeymoon, and, with some healthy distance to all these excitements, I want to again thank you for the brilliant work you did. You have been incredibly patient. Bravo! You have been strict and direct where it was needed, but always kept friendly, even in situations of though negotiation. We really appreciated your way of working, never loosing too much time on small talk, at the same time making us always feel cared about. Bravo! You reacted to all our (sometimes crazy) ideas and wishes, without ever making us feel bad about something. You took us, and all our visions, very seriously. Bravo! You are dedicated. Full of love and passion for what you are doing, without ever showing a sign of stress, tiredness or frustration. At the same time, you were authentic, you shared some anger and problems with us, but never too much and always in a solution-orientated way. Your professionalism will for sure bring you much more success and fans. Bravo! You have established a great team, that works hard and has a lot of respect for you. Your relationships to suppliers is strong and based on deep trust and confidence. Bravo!

We feel blessed having worked with you and really enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for everything!"

photographer Gianluca & Mary Adovasio, Andrea dal Prato , video Luigi de Gregorio, Cinema Duel Entertainment